About Us

Welcome to Life With Baby!

After suffering from postnatal depression and anxiety after the birth of my daughter in 2015, I was inspired to set up Life With Baby to help anyone suffering from postnatal mental health issues.

With the help of my husband, we created our Facebook page in March 2016 and have established our forums to provide anonymity for mums, dads, family and friends.
We hope to provide a safe, friendly community where parents can meet others, share advice and support one another.
As a student midwife, I am committed to supporting each and every family and have experienced for myself how beneficial peer support can be for postnatal mental health issues.

Experiencing a postnatal mental health issue can be a truly isolating, exhausting time. I hope that we can come together to give and receive support, but also just to have a good chat!
I look forward to getting to know you!

Sue / MummyBear x

Forum Rules

Please do not share medical advice, even if you are a healthcare professional.

If you have a medical concern please see your GP, Health Visitor or Midwife.

Please be kind to each other, talk to each other how you would like to be spoken to.

Any offensive comments will be edited or deleted depending on their severity.

Please do not swear on the forums.

If any member repeatedly breaks forum rules we will issue a warning, if this warning is broken we will delete your account. It is at our discretion as to whether we log your IP address in order to prevent future accounts being made.
Please do not share personal details over our forums. If personal details are discovered they will be deleted to protect anonymity.

If you would like to work together to promote your own blogs, websites and personal projects or services please contact me by email or PM. Any advertising that hasn’t been discussed beforehand will be removed from our forums as we need to ensure the materials are safe and appropriate for our users.