We are live!

I am extremely pleased and proud to announce that Life With Baby is now live!

Our group was launched following my own experiences of postnatal depression and anxiety as a mother and a student midwife.

My daughter was born in August 2015. What was meant to be a joyous, perfect time now feels hazy in recollection to me and I found myself growing more isolated, lonely, anxious and exhausted by the day.

In February 2016, I decided enough was enough and I sought support from my GP, something I wish I had done sooner! When you are in the darkest days of postnatal mental health issues, seeking professional support can seem incredibly daunting. But peer support (such as our anonymous forums, Facebook page and Twitter account) was something I really engaged with. Knowing you’re not alone, receiving and giving support to others in a welcoming online community can make a huge difference.

As a student midwife, I often see women who have or are experiencing mental health issues. I set up Life With Baby with the help of my husband to reach out to mums and dads like yourselves and offer support in the form of a listening ear and someone to talk to.

We will be posting regular blogs about perinatal mental health on our homepage. Our forums provide an anonymous, safe place for discussion and chat so that everyone can get involved. We are based in Kent, but hope that mums, dads, family and friends countrywide (or even further afield) will join us on Life With Baby.

I look forward to chatting with you all,

Sue / MummyBear

Welcome to Life With Baby


Welcome to Life with Baby , we are currently in the process of setting up the site and will be full live January’17.
Please take a look around and we hope to welcome you back when we are fully set up and live.


LWB Admin